Creations that help people or explore the intersection of art and technology.

I have extensive multidisciplinary experience in developing for the web platform, actively focusing on JavaScript and User Experience Design.

I’m currently working as a Software Engineer at Native Instruments in Berlin, Germany. On the side, here are some random stuff I’ve done:

  • Clicker, 2018. A JavaScript-powered remote control to control players on the web. Built out of my laziness to get out of the bed.
  • a11y Issues, 2018. A project for reporting accessibility issues with web apps according to the Four Principles of Web Accessibility.
  • No Seen, 2018. A browser extension that blocks “seen” marks on popular social networks. Because privacy.
  • viamão bot, 2017. A JavaScript-powered bot that tweets photos from random Google Maps coordinates of Viamão, the city I grew up in.
  • slack-delete-files, 2017. A command-line app for bulk deleting files from Slack.
  • password-revealer.js, 2016. A tiny JavaScript library for revealing and hiding passwords in form fields.

You may also find other pieces on my GitHub.

Open to volunteering for social impact, particularly concerning urgent matters such as internet privacy, climate change and open education. May help with programming, design, cyber-investigation and more. Let's talk.

I’m putting together an art experiments portfolio, which should be out soon. Stay curious! 🎨