Creations that help people or explore the intersection of art and technology.

  • Opt Out, 2019/in progress. A browser extension to help people avoid online sexual harassment.
  • Clicker, 2018. A JavaScript-powered remote control to control players on the web. Built out of my laziness to get out of the bed.
  • a11y Issues, 2018. A project for reporting accessibility issues with web apps according to the Four Principles of Web Accessibility.
  • No Seen, 2018. A browser extension that blocks “seen” marks on popular social networks. Because privacy.
  • viamão bot, 2017. A JavaScript-powered bot that tweets photos from random Google Maps coordinates of Viamão, the city I grew up in.
  • slack-delete-files, 2017. A command-line app for bulk deleting files from Slack.
  • password-revealer.js, 2016. A tiny JavaScript library for revealing and hiding passwords in form fields.

I'm putting together an art experiments portfolio! Please, keep curious. 🎨