August 17, 2015

Multiline Sass Comments

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve created a lot of different boilerplates for projects. Working as a freelancer makes you challenge yourself everyday to find out what fits better while working. Currently, it’s sometimes Stylus, sometimes Sass.

Stylus is flexible, and I love it. Sass isn’t, but it’s cool anyway. Sometimes I find it hard to bear its inflexibility, though.

On GitHub, there’s a closed issue about multiline comments on Sass (a Stylus feature!), where I shared a solution for multiline Sass comments. A lot of people still don’t agree.

I just want people on community to know it, because it needs to be discussed.


Start writing the comment as if it were single-line (//), then just follow its indentation. Example.

// Multine comment
   Indent the text
   And this will be a comment too

Is it available on Sass docs? Let me know!