June 30, 2023

Long Time No See

In the past three years, a wild mix of stuff dragged me away from writing. More time 🌳 offline ⛰️, which was great. Then a demanding role in a small team, the chaotic grip of a global pandemic, increasing perfectionism, and a blossoming and ultimately collapsing relationship – which all conspired to shake up my pursuits and thrust me into an introspective whirlwind. And as if that wasn’t difficult enough, I lost two years’ worth of drafts in a backup blunder.

Whenever I attempted to restart, I found myself entangled in a web of what still resonated with me and what no longer did. But hey, listing more excuses would only scratch the surface. I recognize now, after seeing how little it takes for me to be back, that parts of me were simply in disarray. Yet, as I come together again, so does my motivation to reclaim what I enjoy, and make time for it despite the busyness and excuses.

So, last night, I did what I do best: I embarked on an in-one-sitting endeavor! I migrated this blog to Zola (a speedy static generator written in Rust), so this WeBpAg3 remains therefore static and snappy af, joining the <512 kB club. Letting my creativity flow with Tailwind, I gave my WeBpAg3 an extravagant-outrageous look, and made sure it’s accessible. I rewrote my introduction like a million times. I sifted through my writings, organising and archiving some, and lo and behold!: I stumbled upon those lost drafts hidden away in the depths of my physical backups. Pretty thrilling. As a friend once told me, good things happen when good things happen.

Long time no see! It all feels quite nice, if you ask me. 😉