Lessons from the Last Years

I’ve made a point of being in challenging situations whenever possible.

In the last years, most of them were challenging in a social and career perspective. Both my personal and professional life benefited from that decision: I got to learn a lot about people, relationships, business, productivity and, last but not least, myself.

Thankfully, I’m not selfish enough to not to share some lessons I’ve learned.

I hope you benefit from them too.

  1. Be kind to people.
  2. Be kind to yourself. It means, rather than comparing yourself to others, respect your journey and understand you’ve had different circumstances and opportunities.
  3. Save money every month, even if it’s a little. Don’t wait for an emergency or a special event.
  4. Authority doesn’t actually mean anything. Kindness does. (If you ever run a business, don’t ever let it get out of your mind.)
  5. When it comes to a serious question, asking it by texting will make you miss a lot of answers.
  6. Have your goals in mind rather writing them down. When it comes to productivity, writing down a planning for reaching a goal works better.
  7. Growing up takes courage.
  8. Hate is a waste of time. Social networks too. You cannot get rid of them, so just make sure they both aren’t taking over the person you are.
  9. There are always deadlines. Try not to let them be a pressure in your life.
  10. If you get to ask yourself “What if I screw up and make the wrong call?”, remember that probably the situation you’re dealing with isn’t a brain surgery. It doesn’t have to – and probably won’t – be thoroughly perfect.
  11. Getting simple things done everyday can get you motivated to do the great ones.
  12. Words are powerful. Choose them carefully.
  13. Practicing empathy everyday increases your perspective on society.
  14. Sometimes you’re wrong – and there’s nothing wrong about that.
  15. Having communication skills doesn’t mean you are socially mature.
  16. There will be moments you’ll have to say sorry. Don’t miss them.
  17. Give something back.