Do You Help People out There?

My GPS doesn’t work, again. And this isn’t the first time I’m not sure where I’m going to.

It’s frightening when you have to count on people to reach somewhere, even when you live in a country where lost people are often helped out.

By the way, I’ve heard that in some countries people aren’t likely to give you any information if you ask them to. They won’t stop for you, they won’t care about you. Well, I didn’t find it any good at all.

I’m used to this sensation in my stomach, though being sure of the unknown always bring different feelings. Always. You just can’t know what is going to happen to you. It doesn’t depend on you.

“Place” here means a physical place, not a metaphor. I’m alone inside a bus in Porto Alegre, I have to find a place, but I’m not really sure where is it. Will people in street help me out just like the last time?

I hope so.

Moinhos de Vento Park, Porto Alegre
Moinhos de Vento Park, Porto Alegre (I got there thanks to the people!)

Help people to find their path when they ask you for information. Be kind, because I’m afraid this is how people feel when lost.