Curiosity and passion for reading, writing and computers: that’s what led me here.

My name’s Diéssica Gurskas and I’m a computer programmer with a heart full of art and code. I program computers to build software that helps people and to explore the wonders within the intersection of art and technology. As a Software Engineer, my focus is on the front-end.

Art inspires me in everything I do – that’s why, besides hacking, you may find me immersed in music, creative coding, writing, reading or photography. I also enjoy science, languages, nature and adventures.

I’m on Twitter (@diessicode), or feel free to email me.

In Words, not Keywords

I’m a simple person who strives for simplicity. I live in Berlin, but actually grew up in Viamão, a modest brazilian town where I first found out my love of building things on computer.

As a kid, people remember me as curious and passionate about computers. Still am! I started coding by building pirate game servers, and ever since that time, I’ve been driven by the web and and how humans interact and express themselves with it.

Raised by the internet, I’m used to exploring the known and the unknown: I teach myself, experiment, have fun, and do or do not care in extreme ways. I simply push myself to do anything I set my mind to.

I deeply benefit from something I believe and fight for: open knowledge and freedom of information. I wish nothing but to everyone to be enabled to do what they love and feel empowered to explore radically as I do.