Curiosity and passion for reading, writing and computers: that’s what led me here.

My name’s Diéssica Gurskas and my heart is full of art and code.

As a computer programmer, even though focused on Front-end Software Engineering, I enjoy contributing in the whole process of building a product from scratch.

Nowadays I live in Berlin, but I actually grew up in a modest brazilian city called Viamão, where I first found out my love of building things on computer. I was a small child when I started coding by creating pirate game servers, right before jumping into web development. Ever since this time back in Viamão, I pushed myself to do anything I set my mind to.

As a kid, people remember me as curious and passionate about computers. Still am! I love the web and everything related to human-computer interaction, which is probably the reason I’m so driven by making it as pleasant as possible to people.

Art inspires me in everything I do. That’s why, besides hacking, you may also find me listening to music, writing, reading or taking pictures.

Want to say hello? Tweet me (@diessicode) or email me (diessicode at gmail dot com).


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