Curiosity and passion for reading, writing and computers: that’s what led me here.

My name’s Diéssica Gurskas. I often immerse myself in cycling, sound, writing, reading, communities, life-pondering, nature; as well as program computers to explore the wonders of human-computer interaction, for industries or creativity.

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In Words, not Keywords

Although based in Berlin nowadays, I grew up in Viamão – a modest town in Brazil where I first unearthed my passion for building things on a computer. (This is how Berlin and Viamão compare.)

As a kid, people remember me as curious and passionate about computers. Still am! Ever since I coded my first pirate game server, I’ve been intrigued about computers and how humans interact and express themselves with them.

Don’t get me wrong, though: Viamão has taught me to be street smart. Among my skills, one can find street variants of football and cricket, marbles, pião, and building pipes out of plastic bags. From ringing my neighbours’ doorbells and running away over and over, I’ve also learned to run quite fast.

Raised by the internet, I teach myself, experiment and have fun, drawing upon what I believe and strive for: open knowledge and freedom of information. I wish nothing but for everyone to empower themselves towards exploring life thoroughly, as I do.