Curiosity and passion for reading, writing and computers: that’s what led me here.

My name’s Diéssica Gurskas and I’m a simple person who strives for simplicity. I often immerse myself in music, writing, reading, photography, life-pondering, as well as program computers to explore the wonders of human-computer interaction by means of Front-end Development and Creative Coding. I also enjoy nature and I’m always up for adventures!

Feel free to say hi on Twitter. For bigger ideas, email me or set up a quick chat.

In Words, not Keywords

Although based in Berlin nowadays, I grew up in Viamão – a modest town in Brazil where I first stumbled upon my love of building things on a computer.

As a kid, people remember me as curious and passionate about computers. Still am! Ever since I coded my first pirate game server, I feel intrigued about computers and how humans interact and express themselves with it.

Raised by the internet, I teach myself, experiment and have fun. I deeply benefit from something I believe and fight for: open knowledge and freedom of information, and wish nothing but for everyone to feel empowered to explore life and experience it thoroughly as I do.